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Corrugated Adhesives

The Corrugated Adhesives that we offer are reliable and available in a wide range. The Corrugated Adhesives are used in several industrial applications. We ensure that the Corrugated Adhesives conform to the industry standards. The variety of Corrugated Adhesives that we offer includes Corrugated Board Adhesives and Corrugated Box Adhesives.

Advantages of Corrugated Adhesive :
  • Better penetration to form deeper fiber-tearing bonds with minimal stack cure time
  • It increases Dry strength as measured by the PAT (Pin adhesion test), ECT (Edge Crush Test) and BCT (box crush test)
  • Dry in a required time, which ultimately results faster running speeds - resulting in higher production output
  • High mileage & low consumption improves Pin Adhesion
  • Superior bonding
  • Long Storage Life
  • Versatile - for use on both water-resistant and domestic board, and improves bonding on high-performance linerboard
  • Transfer of glue through the applicator rolls to paper is uniform because the thickness of glue is uniform throughout the process
  • Flute damage through excess application of poor glue is avoided
  • Loss due to sedimentation and retro gradation. Fungal growth on glue is completely absent

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Corrugated Board Adhesives
The Corrugated Board Adhesives that we offer ensures excellent bonding that is long lasting. The Corrugated Board Adhesives are of high quality and are reliable. These Corrugated Board Adhesives are available in an extensive range. High quality Corrugated Board Adhesives offered by us are used in several industrial applications.

Corrugated Box Adhesives
The wide range of Corrugated Box Adhesives that we offer meets the requirements and specifications put forward by our clients. The Corrugated Box Adhesives are easy to apply and deliver consistent results. The uniform thickness of the Corrugated Box Adhesives on usage ensures strong bonding. The Corrugated Box Adhesives are used in several